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tilities are undergoing the biggest change in their 130-year history. In recent years, we have witnessed a shift away from fossil fuel energy generation including oil, coal, and to some extent natural gas. Renewable and distributed energy sources are now center stage.

Utilligent has created a blueprint for digital utility services in the form of a reference architecture, establishing principles and standards so utilities can align strategic initiatives against a business vision, strategy and operating model.

Utilligent’s U30 Reference Architecture is comprised of six hubs which form the outer ring. The core, in the middle, provides a time-series state virtualization of the network asset, aggregating data inputs into a virtual network model.

The objective of the U30 reference architecture is to help utilities understand the choices they now face, select their most suitable operating model, and develop a transition roadmap leveraging the templates that are part of the U30 reference architecture toolkit. The future is arriving very quickly.

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U30 Application Model

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