GIS modernization is more than just a new data model.

n increasing amount of gas and electric utilities across North America have started (or are beginning) to plan out their GIS modernization programs primarily driven by the advancement of utility asset, resource, and systems modeling, specifically Esri’s new Utility Network (UN) model.

While there are functional benefits to newer solutions like UN, the real benefits are recognized not just from an integration perspective but from how integrated solutions act as one system. This enables greater capabilities associated with work processes, data management, organizational effectiveness, and customer experiences that can more than qualify a return on investment.

This is where Utilligent comes in—we want utilities to maximize benefits from GIS modernization projects beyond just system integration. That’s what we’re known for—setting the target operating state, relentless delivery assurance, and realizing quantifiable benefits. GIS modernization is an opportunity for utilities to get the most out of managing their network data.

No matter where you are on your GIS modernization journey, it doesn’t hurt to discuss with us what Utilligent sees are the factual benefits your utility can recognize. We’ll call upon our decades of GIS, operational, and asset experience and openly share our thoughts and suggestions with you.

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  • Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference
    Tues., Oct. 10, 2023 | 2:15 – 2:45 p.m.

    Top 4 Most Impactful Opportunities Utilities Have Moving to the Utility Network

    Esri’s Utility Network model, (UN), represents a generational leap in GIS functionality and connectivity. However, utilities often are challenged in defining and realizing the ROI that a move to UN will bring. With UN now in production at a few Gas and now Electric utilities, we are realizing the value utilities are taking advantage of across different operational areas. Based on recent experience, we will present four of the most impactful opportunities for utilities when moving to UN, (Modern Network Management capabilities of the ArcGIS System).