Data & Analytics

ost utilities now recognize the importance of data as a critical asset in the evolution of the industry, strategically and operationally, but where to start

What Is your challenge?
  • Data strategy?
  • Data culture & literacy?
  • Data quality & security?
  • Master data management?
  • Data migration or Integration?
  • Analytics & AI?
Data Maturity Framework
Data Governance
Strategy Value Policy Culture
Data Lifecycle
Standards Storage Integration Warehouse
Modeling Mastering Documents Analytics
Data Foundations
Meta-data Quality Security Monitoring
Utilligent’s team combines true utility industry experts with data stewards, data engineers, and data scientists. Together, we can develop a plan that will get you to where you want to be, including:
Building sound foundations.
  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Data Valuation & Quality
  • Grid Model Data Management
Driving insight and action.
  • Enterprise Analytics & CoE
  • Real-world (spatial) Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics
Accelerating your time to value.
  • Customer Optimization
  • Integrated Work Management
  • Next Generation AMI
  • ADMS & DERMS Evolution

What is Your Organization’s Data & Analytics Capability Maturity?

Knowing where you are on your journey springboards you to where you want to be. Our experts will compile a consolidated report of your results with our perspectives of your data maturity and insights into areas of opportunity and improvement.

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Insights & Experience

Take a look at how we’ve helped utilities elevate their data and analytics.

Breaking the Data Barrier

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