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Employee Spotlight: A Focus on Professional Growth


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    hy do you go to work every morning? For us it’s about the challenge and satisfaction of doing the work that demands our best and produces tangible results. We look for exceptionally well-rounded team members who can do all that’s required during a successful client engagement.

    We create strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. We are implementers who specialize in turning strategy into operational reality. We do it with our sleeves rolled up, our hands in the mix and our eyes on the details, and we do it until the job is done.

    And we may have to fix some things along the way, too. That takes problem-solving skills and the awareness that one size does not fit all.

  • We celebrate those who are resourceful and creative in their customized solutions. Successful outcomes also require heart and grit, both critical to becoming part of the team. We look for candidates that have these qualities embedded into their DNA just the way it’s embedded into ours.

    For those who possess these qualities and the requisite skill sets, we provide an environment and infrastructure where personal, professional, and financial growth opportunities are limitless, and we offer the chance to test your skills and creativity on some of the greatest systems integration challenges in the industry, working alongside a diverse and accomplished team of experts.


    We recognize the impact that consulting careers can have on personal lives and families — the travel, the work hours, and the tight project timelines. We know that work needs to be, rewarding, and only a part of our employees’ lives, not the center of them.

    Acknowledging that our employees are our greatest asset, we offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that we hope exceeds your expectations. We have a plan that will work for you no matter where you are in your life/career — whether you’re single or have a family, just starting out, at mid-career, or approaching retirement.


    • Industry-leading base salaries
    • Variable compensation based on personal utilization and entrepreneurial contribution
    • No caps or limits on compensation


    • HSA – company funded up to $3,000 annually + your own pre-tax contribution up to the legal limit
    • 401K – company funded + your own pre-tax contribution up
      to the legal limit
    • Company paid medical, dental, and vision premiums resulting in most employees having no premium cost sharing
    • Unlimited PTO policy

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    ust as our leadership team came together as a natural result of longstanding personal relationships, our charitable giving has evolved organically from those causes that spoke to our founders’ hearts into a more formalized 501(c)(3) to help those in need.

  • The recent launch of the Utilligent Empowers Good Foundation is our promise to improve the communities where we work and live. It’s strengthened by recommendations from our employees who actively support local non-profits through volunteering and financial contributions.

Utilligent Empowers Good Foundation
supports valuable work by organizations like:


5-year-old Miles Scott became Batkid and the city of San Francisco came out by the thousands to cheer him on. That day, all of you were heroes to him and all who followed it online or through the media got to experience the magical power of a wish come true. Even President Obama and astronauts on the International Space Station were watching and sending encouragement.

Miles is now doing great! He’s an 8-year-old and third grader who plays little league baseball. Miles bravely fought leukemia like so many other children do, and a wish can be an important part in their recovery. Every day of the year, children around the country, from every neighborhood and background, are diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Supporting Make-A-Wish helps show them they’re heroes to all of us.

Act Utilligently