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October 23-25, 2019

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This program was created to improve existing and build new key customer services across the range of preferred channels, lowering cost to serve and improving customer satisfaction. The initiative began with an overall strategy and roadmap, then moved in to program management and implementation of:

  • An existing Web Refresh around key transactions.
  • New Mobile Responsive Web for Mobile, Tablet, and PC
  • Customer Preference & Notification Platform
  • Reporting
Customers Segments spanned across Residential and SMB and included nine key services (e.g., View/ Pay Bill, Start/Stop Service, Outages) across nine Channels (e.g., IVR, Web, Mobile).


  • A greatly improved main website and logged-in site, focused on simplified key customer transactions.
  • A new Mobile Responsive Web has view/pay bill, create/monitor pay plan, get outage info and updates, and start/stop service. The platform works across Mobile, Tablet, and PC, laying the foundation for future “one web”.
  • A new Customer Preference & Notifications platform allows customers to set phone, text, and email preferences and provides a standardized back-end process for all notifications.
  • Highest customer satisfactions score of the last four years.
  • Significant reduction in O&M resulting from migration of customers to preferred service channels.
  • On track to migrate 12% of live agent calls to self-service in following year.

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