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Utilligent is a management consulting firm focused solely on the utilities industry. Our competitive advantage stems from a combination of our deep functional and technical expertise, client-centric culture, and pragmatic approach to developing and executing our clients’ operational strategy and tactical initiatives.

With experience comes knowledge. With knowledge comes insight. With insight comes sound judgment and decisive action. This is the foundation upon which Utilligent is built. There is no one single formula that solves the new challenges facing utilities. Success comes from combining experience with forward thinking, courage, and leadership. Our broad experiences have given us deep levels of understanding, insight, and conviction that others simply do not have. This enables us to cut through the clutter and provide solutions to complex problems in ways our competitors just cannot match.

Project after project, the majority of our business comes from repeat clients… frequently where other consulting firms have failed before us. Please take the time to explore our site, and drop us a line if you’d like to learn more.


A consulting firm is only as good as its consultants. Utilligent was built by assembling consultants who consistently demonstrate the ability to assimilate information, apply experience, and craft solutions that solve problems in innovative ways. Our consultants don’t rely on scripted methodologies or templates, and we have no junior resources to train on the job. Smart consultants are why most of our clients become repeat clients.

There’s no substitute for experience, and for us, it’s a competitive advantage. We’ve been working on customer care, field service, billing, collections, AMI, MDM, EE, DR, CIS, GIS, OMS, and WMS projects since before the first smart meter was ever installed. We’ve worked in the field, in the back office, on the phones, in the boardroom, in the data center, and in the cloud. We bring the kind of experience and expertise that only having done something multiple times, multiple ways, in multiple environments can provide. Chances are, we’ve already been where you’re about to go.

Solutions to complex problems can be simple. In fact, the most impactful ones typically are. The most successful consultants are those that consistently demonstrate the ability to cut through the clutter to concisely identify the issues, variables, and levers, and execute a solution that is effective and elegant in its simplicity. This is a core competency at Utilligent.





Electric utilities in today’s business environment are faced with unprecedented challenges. From security threats, to protecting the environment, to increasing stakeholder demands for greater efficiency and reliability. While the revenue base erodes and the infrastructure ages, utilities are being forced to upgrade their systems with expensive, complex, and sometimes unproven technologies. Executives try to meet the needs of customers and regulators, and reward shareholders, but the pinch of politics and regulation, shifting workforce demographics, and knowledge drain is constantly being felt.


Gas utilities in today’s market face unique challenges as they strive to provide the safe, reliable, and profitable delivery of natural gas. They face an aging workforce and infrastructure, security threats, the need to protect the environment, along with stakeholder demands for greater efficiency while maintaining profitability. Executives must meet increasing needs of customers for expanded gas services while maintaining infrastructure (pipeline) integrity, and demonstrating transparency in operations to meet regulatory/compliance requirements.


Water districts today are up against numerous challenges as they strive to provide safe and cost effective delivery of water to their customers. They face climate change concerns, water scarcity issues, the need for increased conservation, regulation focused on the water energy nexus, an aging workforce and infrastructure, and security threats. On top of all this, stakeholder demands for greater efficiency in operations are forcing water utilities to upgrade their systems with expensive and complex technologies.

At Utilligent we not only recognize and understand these challenges, we live them. Together we develop your plan that is tailored to get you where you want to be. From there, you decide how you would like us to participate in implementing the plan and supporting your operations.